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For Your Worship Team

Grow as Musicians – Grow as a Community

Using the Music 360 Method training pipeline and community platform, you can be engaged in the growth of your Worship Team, without the “burden” of having to train them.


Using the Music 360 Method training pipeline and community platform, you can be engaged in the growth of your Worship Team, without the “burden” of having to train them.

Is Your Church Preparing for the Harvest
or Merely Harvesting Talent?

harvesting talent?

Our unique solution will
  • improve your church's worship experience
  • help you retain your youth
  • help you build community

Scheduling tools like Planning Center and Song-tutorial sites like WorshipU have changed how we prepare for services – and we applaud them for that!

But they are still only designed to help you “pull off Sunday”. Your Worship Team needs a growth plan:



Church growth is not about looking for people who can grow your church, but looking for ways that your church can grow people.

Jeff Henderson

author of "Know What You're For"

Grow People

I'm in! How Do I Get Started?


You know your church’s vision for growth over the next year. We can help you get there!

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Get immediate access to our Learning and Community Platform and add your Team Members right away.

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Select Your Plan, Based on Your Vision for Growth:

Need to start smaller and not quite ready for our full suite of Courses and Worship Leader Tools? No problem! Select the instruments above that you’d like to start with.


But don't just take our word for it...

Visitors often decide where to attend church, based on “how good the Worship is”… This makes our Worship Teams one of the most visible displays of the Church today!

But are we leaving a narrative void over them by merely harvesting their talent and not nurturing them? If we don’t intentionally write their story, someone else will – and we probably won’t be happy with the outcome…

Be intentional


Time:  Worship Leaders have neither the time, nor the expertise to train an entire band in the craft of playing their instruments. They end up simply harvesting existing talent to survive next Sunday’s service.

Relationships:  If a musician is not ready, they are sent “elsewhere” to take lessons, short-circuiting the new relationship. Where people grow is where they will grow their roots… With so many youths leaving the Body of Christ, the Church is missing out on a valuable mentorship opportunity.

Money:  Many churches invest in paid musicians when they need to fill a hole in their band or to “up their game” for an event. This is an effective stopgap but it neither builds community, nor provides momentum for the future.

Systems:  The vast majority of churches don’t have systems in place for auditioning volunteers or for developing a pipeline of musicians in their program.


Using our Training Tools, your Worship Leader can be engaged in the growth of their musicians, without the “burden” of having to train them! And with our Private Community Platform within the same system, they can also foster the relationships within the Worship Team.

Your entire band will learn through a synchronized curriculum, allowing them to speak each other’s language and creatively grow together. They will develop the unique skills and creativity required for live worship.


Each Pastor’s heart is to lead their congregation to be salt and light, and to prepare for the harvest at the level that was entrusted to them. We want to say to our community: “There’s a Place for You Here!”, but we often lack the practical tools to deliver on that message.

Music 360 Method is a New Wineskin – a structure to host the work of the Holy Spirit in your church.

Want to attract and retain youth in your Worship Team Pipeline? Always wanted to start an afterschool program or an artist development project for your community? Music 360 Method brings you a robust Music Training and Community Platform, while you and your staff bring your Pastor’s Heart. Whatever your vision, you now have the solution to bring it to life.