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Your Worship Team needs practical training, but most Worship Leaders don’t have the capacity to train an entire band.

That’s why we created an online training platform, where you can be engaged in the growth of your musicians, without the burden of having to train them.

We will help elevate your church’s worship experience, but also help you reach your community in new ways!

Is Your Church Preparing for the Harvest
or Merely Harvesting Talent?

harvesting talent?

We are Your
Ministry Partner

Hear from one of many Pastors, who have found a partner for their ministry in Music 360 Method:

Hear from one of many Pastors, who have found a partner for their ministry in Music 360 Method:

Tools like Planning Center, MultiTracks and the countless Song-tutorial sites have changed how we prepare for our services – and we applaud them for that!

But they are still only designed to help you “pull off Sunday”. Your Worship Team needs a growth plan:


Any Device Anywhere

Run an audition, check user stats and progress, view lesson videos, and message your entire Team from any browser or our Mobile App!

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You know your church’s vision for growth over the next year. We can help you get there!

We offer a securely encrypted online payment portal, or you can request to be invoiced here.

Get immediate access to our Learning and Community Platform and add your Team Members right away.

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But don't just take our word for it...

Need to start smaller and not quite ready for our full suite of Courses and Worship Leader Tools? No problem! Select the instruments above that you’d like to start with.


Time:  Worship Leaders have neither the time, nor the expertise to train an entire band in the craft of playing their instruments. As a result, we (The Church) have settled into a pattern of “harvesting talent” instead of nurturing them. Music 360 Method empowers you to be engaged in the growth of your Team, but without the “time-burden” of training them…

Relationships:  If a musician is not ready, they are sent “elsewhere” to take lessons, short-circuiting the relationship. But where people grow is where they will grow their roots! With the growing trend of Millennials and Gen Z fleeing the Church, we cannot afford to keep sending them away. That’s why we built a training and mentorship platform, that functions in the context of YOUR CHURCH and YOUR COMMUNITY!

Money:  Many churches invest in paid musicians or in MultiTracks when they need to fill a hole in their band or to “up their game” for an event. This is an effective stopgap but it neither builds community, nor provides momentum for the future. Invest in your people instead…

Systems:  The vast majority of churches don’t have systems in place for auditioning volunteers or for developing a pipeline of musicians in their program. We provide all of that…


Using our Training Tools, your Worship Leader can be engaged in the growth of their musicians, without the “burden” of having to train them! And with our Private Community Platform within the same system, they can also foster the relationships within the Worship Team.

Your entire band will learn through a synchronized curriculum, allowing them to speak each other’s language and creatively grow together. They will develop the unique skills and creativity required for live worship.


Each Pastor’s heart is to lead their congregation to be salt and light, and to prepare for the Harvest at the level that was entrusted to them. We want to say to our community: “There’s a place for you here!”, but sometimes we lack the practical tools to actually deliver on that message…

Music 360 Method is a New Wineskin – a structure to host the work of the Holy Spirit in your church in the form of music training.

Want to attract and retain youth in your Worship Team Pipeline? Always wanted to start an Afterschool Program or an Artist Development Project for your community? Music 360 Method brings you a robust music training and community platform, while you and your staff bring your Pastor’s heart. Whatever your vision, you now have the solution to bring it to life.

One of the key elements of Music 360 Method are the short and easy-to-digest Video Lessons. But these videos are not like the seemingly random results that you found on your last YouTube search…

Music 360 Method is powered by a world-class educational framework called Cyclical Pedagogy®. (If you’d like to “geek out” about it, CLICK HERE to watch a short video.) The best thing about this system is that your musicians don’t need to worry about it at all. It’s quietly at work in the background, while we connect the dots for your Team from lesson to lesson. All they have to do is watch, learn and be thrilled as their skills begins to soar!

We assembled a truly world-class team of Instructors. They all bring a wealth of Stage, Studio and Teaching experience to our platform. But most importantly, they’re all deeply involved in Worship and have trained countless others from Beginners, through Collegiate level, all the way to coaching other Touring Pros.

But we didn’t stop there either… We include a special training section for Worship Leaders and Musical Directors as well. We offer content ranging from “Learning to Speak the Drummer’s Language” all the way to “Creative Arrangements for Any Skill Level”.

This is truly a mentorship program — both for your Musicians and for your Leaders!
First of all, growth can only be tracked, if your musicians are actually growing…

To ensure this, we didn’t stop at creating world-class video content. Our self-paced lessons are organized in a weekly structure and each week has some form of application: Play-along Practice Segments, Ear Training modules, Quizzes, Downloadables and a steady dose of “How to apply all of this in a band”.
You even have a built-in Audition tool that your Worship Leader can use as an onboarding step, or for graduating musicians up to a “higher stakes” service.

Course progress, Audition and Quiz scores are captured in the system along with their last login – which, of course, you can review at any time. This way you, as their Leader, will have instant and accurate feedback about how each musician is doing, and how you can encourage them.

All of this really takes the pressure off. You don’t have to be the “bad guy” anymore, if someone is simply not pulling their weight. On the flipside, you’ll be able to cheer them on for SPECIFIC accomplishments and progress. Not to mention that you’ll know exactly what new skillset you can count on starting next rehearsal!
Once your musicians are learning and growing, we wanted to tie all of this together with a world-class Community platform — for your Team only. No distractions, no ads, no inappropriate content.

Your team can communicate through Messages or Forums, share files, photos – even hold Zoom meetings right inside of Music 360 Method! And all of this is deeply integrated with their musical learning environment.

The idea is to put you, the Pastor / Worship Leader, in a position where you can be fully engaged in their growth, without the “burden” of having to train them. Augmenting the one-on-one mentorship with a socially connected online environment puts you in a position to be engaged with your Team on a much more consistent basis.

Your musicians want to grow. But WHERE they grow is where they will grow their roots… That place should be Your Church! So, we want to put you in a position to become the source of new musical ideas and growth for your Team. We provide the content and the framework, you bring your Pastor’s Heart.

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